Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Affordance Part 3

Aesthetics ‘V’s Ambience
My trusted New English Dictionary (2001), states that aesthetics is ‘a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the concepts of beauty and taste’. It has the potential for a person to express a sense of beauty, for me it was the way I changed the setup of my garden, over the years I have ripped out an old clothes lines, moved the firewood storing shed, put a fence and gate in to create a laundry/veggie garden area, cut down a massive tree, created lavender garden, and pulled out every plant in one corner of the garden to start again. I can change the aesthetics to suit my mood, by gathering the equipment for working in the garden, the result of the work, or just leisurely walking around with pruning shears in hand on the looking for rouge branches. 

My New English Dictionary (2001), states that ambience is ‘the atmosphere of a place’. So how does this affect gardening?  hmm… quite a lot really, it seems to me, the very being of the experience of gardening, for without the ambience of the garden when I moved in, I felt it was ‘a lost garden’, over grown and un-kept, it lack life, bright flowers and a happy disposition, I would have never started reshaping it. Through my efforts I have brought sun, wind and rain to many plants that have long been over shadowed by the massive tree. Even though the garden is still a work in progress I feel that it now has that happy disposition, even with all the weeds!

New English Dictionary (2001), Harper-Collins, Glasglow.


  1. Heather, Ambience, aesthetics and beauty in the garden has truly been reflected well from your pictures. The feeling of a 'lost garden' can often be a feeling of beauty. Hidden from public, viewed privately for your enjoyment. Can feel the dirt under the fingernails already.

  2. Thanks Lyn, I hadn't thought about the beauty that the garden offered when I first moved in, mainly because I wanted to see flowers, because for me flowers bring happiness and sunshine :)