Thursday, 8 September 2011


I finally made it back into the blog site, so much in the head passwords were failing me.

Second semester is here and I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

Activity Analysis Blog is what the title is of the paper - analysing activity in depth.  We were to choose a personal activity and reflect on it. The activity I chose was gardening.

I enjoy this activity; the personal enjoyment I get from gardening is about as long as a piece of string.
Gardening for me started when I was 12 and it is something that has grown with me, and is an activity I have been able to take to different the houses that I have lived in over years.
Gardening has helped me deal with stress - starting many years ago with crying babies to now place to 'nut out' assignments, a fear is I will get carried away and forget all about going back inside to finish the assignment.
Sometimes the garden looks back at me holding a huge stress sign itself. 
The weeds are strangling the bushes on their way to reaching up my big helicopter tree and how long the grass has got over the winter months when due to the weather, being away on fieldwork and having to work, I don't have the time to mow them.
Now in spring I keep an eye out for the bulbs that should be making an appearance, are they running late or have the nasty weeds bullied them into hiding for longer?
Even in autumn when the trees are dropping their summer shading, how long does it take for me to rake the leaves up? Or should I leave them to the mercy of the winds and allow them to visit the neighbours?